Anett Kontaveit organises an auction to help mistreated animals

Estonia’s number 1 tennis player Anett Kontaveit, in collaboration with Shelters NGO, is auctioning out her match clothes, shoes, racket, bag and other tennis related items. The money collected with the auction will go towards helping animals who have had a rough life and/or have been abused.

“I want to help abandoned animals, since they unfortunately can't help themselves. I know that a lot of animals that end up in the shelters, have had a bad life and have been abused. The expenses to help and treat these animals, are often very high. With this auction I want to help the animals that have had a very sad life. Each donation can help make their lives better and I truly hope it also changes the culture towards animals and keeping pets,“ Anett Kontaveit said.

Take part in the charity auction

The auction will take place in the Shelters NGO Facebook page where all the pictures of the items will be shown. The auction starts at 9AM on Wednesday December 1st. There will be 24 items and each item will have a separate bidding. The auction will finish on Wednesday December 8th at 7PM(GMT+2) . The event will have a 5 minute delay finish, the winner will be the highest bidder.

To take part in the auction click on a photo in the gallery below and make a bid according to the instructions. 

Support animals in shelters

If you do not wish to take part in the auction but you would like to support animals in shelters, you can contribute below. Your donation will help animals with difficult past who have been mistreated. It is possible to set up a monthly payment or make a one-time donation with a credit card.   

Thank you:

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