Would you like to help our animals with finding new homes and making their time in the shelter as enjoyable as possible? Would you like to meet other "crazy" people like you? In our shelters and foster homes, we take care of around 4000 animals in one year. We could not do it without caring volunteers, who dedicate hundreds of hours of their time and energy each year to help animals. When we have more volunteers, we can direct more resources into helping animals, taking care of them, curing them and sterilizing/neutering them.

In October 2018 we were recognized as a volunteer-friendly organisation. In cooperation with Töötukassa (Estonian employment bureau), we offer volunteer work opportunities for unemployed people to help them in gaining new skills, work experience and contacts and to help them participate in society. We help our volunteers when they are looking for a job, e.g. with recommendations, because volunteering is a good opportunity to get work experience. To become a volunteer you do not need previous experience. We will offer you mentoring and supervision.

To join us:

1st step: you have to meet the criteria for becoming a volunteer.

We have set some requirements for the age and skills of a volunteer and minimum time dedicated to volunteering.

2nd step: get to know us

Learn more about the ways you can help. Our volunteers work in shelters, in their community, and at home. Not all assignments may be available in all shelters. Check out which type is suitable for you!

3rd step: fill in the application and come and meet us

You can fill the application online and we will let you know when the next introduction event and training takes place.

4th step: get your paws dirty

If you have been accepted as a volunteer, we ask you to sign a volunteer contract and you can begin with the volunteer work.

What is volunteer work?

Volunteer work has 3 main characteristics. It is performed on free will, it is not mandatory or obligatory. Volunteers are not paid and do not receive any other material benefits, though they may receive gifts. Volunteers work outside of their homes and families for the benefit of general society.

What is not volunteer work?

It is easy to mix up volunteer work with work that is done without payment. These are not always the same. If work is done without payments but not out of free will or charitable aim, it is not volunteer work. For example, neither community service (as a form of punishment) nor school internships are volunteer work. On the other hand, not all work in non-profit organisations is volunteer work as is often assumed.